Game Companies
2F Spiele : Friedmann Friese's game company (Frisch Fisch, etc)
Abacus : Airlines, En Garde, and others.
Adlung : Lots of card games
Amigo : Bohnanza, Medici, Elfenland, and many others
BoneGames : Public domain (free!) board games
Cheapass Games
Decipher : Publishers of the How to Host a Murder series and Star Trek: The Customizable Card Game
Discover Games: Umbrella site for independent games, plus info for game designers
Doris and Frank: makers of Mu, Pico, and Ursuppe.
Dream Green : Pardon?, 1-2-3 Oy!, Tic-Tac-Chec
Endless Games : Reprinting classics like Password, Encore, and others.
Enginuity: Stack 21, Target, Doubles Wild, Tilez!, Diangle
Envelope Games: Spark, Quadracell, and others, plus resources for board game designers.
Eurogames / Descartes USA : Vinci, Condottiere, Europa, Formula De, and more.
Fantasy Flight Unlimited: Diskwars, Battlemist, and Twilight Imperium
Fat Messiah Games : Shapeshifters
Fiendish Games : Breaking Away
FX : Family wing of Ravensburger.
Games Workshop
GMT Games: Battle Line, Galaxy: The Dark Ages
Hangman Games : Blindside, Just Wait, Dry Gulch
Hans im Gluck: El Grande, Die Macher, and much more.
Hasbro: The largest game company in the United States.
Hasbro replacement parts: Replace missing pieces from Hasbro games.
Iron Crown Enterprises : Shark, Fluxx.
Jolly Games : The makers of Wiz-War
Jumbo : Tycoon, Targui, and others
Kadon Enterprises : Quintillions, The Game of Y, and other fine wood and acrylic abstracts
Kosmos: Makers of Die Siedler von Catan, among others
Looney Labs : Home of Icehouse and Fluxx.
MacGregor Historic Games: Reproductions of historic board, card, and dice games.
Mayfair Games : Publishers of the nRails games and distributors of many European imports.
Patch Products : Makers of Tri-Bond, Blurt, and others.
Peri Spiele: Pusher, Zatre, etc.
Q.E.D. Games : Blue vs. Gray Civil War card game
Rio Grande Games : American publisher of German games (El Grande, Samurai, etc)
RnR Games : Riddles 'n' Riches, Sold!, etc
Set Enterprises: Set, Triology, Five Crowns
Sierra Madre Games : Insecta, Lords of the Renaissance, Lords of the Siera Madre
Steve Jackson Games : Home of Illuminati: New World Order
Task Force Games: Home of Star Fleet Battles
US Games Systems: Take 6, Get the Goods, Mystery Rummy, and other card games.
Vandelay Games : Low cost word games
Winning Moves : Raj, Priceless, Judge and Jury, SkyCapers, Ultimate Rummy
Winsome Games : Colorado Rails, Tracks to Telluride and other rail games.
Wizards of the Coast : Magic: The Gathering, Vampire: TES, NetRunner, RoboRally, etc.
Zoch: Makers of wooden dexterity games like Bausack and Bamboleo.

Individual Games
Acquire: Fan site
Ancient Empires: Free, downloadable board game
A Work of Art : Bumper to Bumper stock car racing game
Bailiwick: Parcheesi in the round
Chess Variants
Civilization : Both Avalon Hill's and Microprose's
Cosmic Encounter
Cosmic Wimpout : Unofficial page
The Crokinole Board
"Official" Crokinole site
CrossCribb : A new twist on Cribbage
UK Diplomacy : Diplomacy site based in England.
Eleusis: Notes on Robert Abbot's unique card game
Euphrates & Tigris: Chris Lawson's spiffy E&T page
Fast Car: Stock car racing game
Golem : Card game about building your own Frankenstein's monster.
Judge For Yourself : Read a case summary and guess the real verdict.
Kontor : The author's official page
Monopoly: Official Hasbro site
Peaceful Resistance
Pentagonia: Abstract strategy game
Predict-a-Ball: Play along with a live baseball game
Rail Baron fan page : including shareware version of the game.
The Battle Zone Italian Risk page
SandS: Free board game for downloading
Scrabble FAQ Official Scrabble site: Hasbro's official site
Settlers of Catan: The official home page (German edition)
Squares: Civil War battle game
Stratego: Ed's Stratego page
Tiddlywinks : North American Tiddlywinks Association
Trivial Pursuit: Official Hasbro site
Yahtzee solitaire : Features the Optimal Solitaire Yahtzee Player and a Yahtzee Proficiency Test
Zobmondo: The "would you rather?" game

Multiple Games
3M Games: Collector's page.
The Board Room: Streaming video program about board games.
Boardgame Geek database: Ever-growing interactive database of board game information.
Boardgame Players Association : Hosts of the World Boardgaming Championships.
Card games
The Game Cabinet : Articles about games from around the world, including English translations of many German games.
Game Searcher: Game search engine.
Game Show Home Game Home Page: Excellent, comprehensive site.
The Games Journal: Monthly web magazine covering all aspects of gaming.
Games Games Games Magazine : Smattering of back issues
Games site by Rick Heli : Sims, wargames, Eurogames, etc.
Gamesite: Italian games site. Includes rules to Pinko Pallino, precursor to Quoridor.
The Gaming Dumpster : Database of game translations and info to which users can add.
Kevingston: The Family Boardgames Web Site : With a heavy focus on the UK.
Kulkmann's Game Box: Reviews of English and German games.
Luding : Enormous database of games with links to reviews.
Lyle's Games Galore: Collector's board game site.
Mik Svellov's Brett & Board: Game news translated from German web sources, like Spielplatz.
The Mining Company : Board games section of large guided site
Poker : Poker variant archive
Railroad games
ReinerSpiel: Chris Lawson's site dedicated to the games of Reiner Knizia.
SGX: Simulation Gaming Exchange. Clearinghouse for simulation gaming resources.
Spielplatz: The premier site for German game news. In German.
Warp Spawn Games: Whole lot of free games
Wine Dark Sea Games : Variety of free games
World of Games: Including Gamer monthly web zine and The Global Game Shop

Online Games
2 AM Games: Various online games
Abalone: The marble-pushing game.
Cathedral: Play in Java against the computer.
Cosmic Encounter
Game Club : Go, Gomuku, Abalone, and other stone-based games.
Gamesville : Bingo and "Picturama" for cash prizes.
Internet Gaming Zone : Classic games and modern arcade games.
Internet Park : Online Boggle and other word games
Rail Empires: Iron Dragon for your PC.
Medici : Java version of Reiner Knizia's card game.
OKbridge : Live duplicate and rubber bridge
Worldwide Scrabble Home Page: Official site.
MarlDoom: Play Scrabble live via Telnet
Tantrix: Play live against humans (JAVA required). Very slick.
WordZap : Win 95 version lets you play against a human over the Net.
The Bezerk Network : You Don't Know Jack: The Netshow and Acrophobia

Adam Spielt: The cheapest and most complete source of German games. Located in Germany, Herr Adam does speak English, he takes credit cards, and he's very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.
All-Star Games : Physical store's site
Boardwalk Games : New and used games
Boulder Games : Growing selection of discounted domestic and imported games
Crazy Egor : Used and out of print games
Fair Play Games
Fine Games : Discounted new, used, and out of print games
For Keep's Sake : New and used games and other collectibles
Funagain Games : Lots of German games and used games
The Game Preserve : Indianapolis store
Jogo Canada: Canadian retailer
Leisure Games: One of London's top game shops
Jeff Lowe's ExtravaGAMEza : used games
Le Valet D'Coeur : Montreal game store
Lofthouse : used games
Rainy Day Games: Portland-area retailer with online sales
Jerry Rakar
RC Hobbies: Online CCG and game retailer
Sundown Games: Online game retailer with a slick site.
The 3 Trolls

Game Clubs
Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Society.
Game Central Station
Kitchen Table Gamers
North Houston Boardgame Group
Westbank Gamers

American Game Collectors' Association
Babelfish: Altavista's translation service. Useful for translating German games sites
CriCro : Makers of Zap Dice-- dice with removable faces.
CyberBoard : Software to design play by email game front ends.
Game awards : Collection of links to various game award sites.
Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
Game Parts Resources: Links to game manufacturers who provide replacement parts.
Game Parts Search : Find replacements for your missing game parts
Internet Top 100: Rate games and add your voice to this ongoing preference survey.
Logic Mazes: Robert Abbott's site about unusual original mazes.
Mind Sports : Site for the annual Mind Sports Olympiad, plus other game activities.
PBEMesis : Play German games by email
Spiel Des Jahres : German Game of the Year site.
Swiss Perfect : Software for running tournaments using the Swiss pairing system.
Toy Inventor/Designer Guide
Toy Manufacturer's Association
University of Waterloo Museum and Archive of Games
World Game Review : Michael Keller's abstract-strategy-centric magazine.

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