Napoleonic pbem  Friday, 4/19/02, 9:46 AM    


  Welcome to a new form of PBeM gaming using John Tiller's Napoleonic series of computer games. This is a multi  player game emphasizing command and control concerns over the usual tactical micro   management available thus far through standard PBeM gaming. Each player assumes the role of a historical commander and using a system of Messages and Orders, sent via Moderator, communicates with his fellow players and virtual troops to help his army defeat that of his opponents. Note that players do not move, fire, or otherwise click on the game interface for any reason other than to see the effects of their Orders and the progress of the battle. All point  and  click mechanics of the game are undertaken by the Moderator, according to the intentions and plans of the players, expressed via e  mail, using written Messages, Orders and Couriers just as their historical counterparts did. (...well, except for the e  mail part.) The first game was played during the fall/winter of 2000 and involved sixteen players      


  Web Site:   Napoleonic pbem    



  Guild of Blades  Friday, 4/19/02, 9:24 AM    


  ..has just started, and is worth looking at just for the awesome posted maps!! Unfortunately the game was fully subscribed when I got there, but there is a waiting list and one is allowed to observe the game in the meantime. Refreshingly simple rules, too    perhaps on the Axis & Allies level of complexity. I have high hopes for this site. There is a board game version, which suffers from an awful monochrome game board. You can do better, Guildmasters!!      


  Web Site:   1483 online, game 5    



  SISG  Friday, 4/5/02, 10:56 AM    


  an excellent portal to gaming on the net and a lot of other gaming stuff as well.      


  Web Site:   gaming on the net    



  Joint wargamers association  Monday, 3/25/02, 7:55 AM    


  Welcome to the most ambitious World War II global simulation game that has been made public so far. Years of research, planning and design have been put into what is finally the best WWII strategic  level PBM wargame around. "WWII" simulates this global conflict in every conceivable way which was of relevance for the decision makers of that era. Now you can slip into the bodies of villains and heroes, statesmen like Hitler, Stalin, Churchill or Roosevelt, commanders like Eisenhower, Montgomery, Yamamoto or Rommel. And for people just interested in questions of "what if", WWII offers a detailed monthly newsletter, the "World Observer" about the events of our alter historia, enriched by side events from the historical time  line. WWII is a turn   based PBeM game, that means, orders and reports are exchanged via email. Each turn represents one game month. Turns are adjudicated once a month real time, so real and play time advance at the same pace, just with an offsetof 60 years. The present webmaster has heard conflicting reports about this game: one singing its praises, but the other damning it for being slow [this critics PC later suffered a terminal crash, however, throwing doubt as to where the blame for the slowness actually lay!!].      


  From:  worldwide    

  Web Site:   Global ww2 simulation    



  Ab Initio Games  Monday, 3/18/02, 8:34 AM    


  To join Dark Age you'll need to send £5.00 (payable to Ab Initio Games) along with your name and address, which covers the cost of your rulebook, setup and first three turns. When you send in your application please give five kingdom preferences in order (choices are: East Anglia, Middle Angles, Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex, Essex, Kent, Cumbria, West Wales, Dyfed, Gwynedd, Strathclyde, Irish, Scots, Picts and Vikings).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             YES, Iżd like to join Dark Age. I enclose a cheque/postal order for £5.00 (payable to Ab Initio Games). Kingdom Preferences: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________ Name: _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Where did you first hear about Dark Age?: _____________________________________________________ ______________________ Danny McConnell, Ab Initio Games, PO Box 150, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 5ZD.      


  From:  Kent    

  Web Site:   Dark Age & other paper based PBMs    



  John Marsden  Wednesday, 1/30/02, 7:34 AM    


  ..include openings for MACHIAVELLI and MERCATOR as at January 30, 2002 suitable only for UK players since the game results come by post bound into ODE magazine [for which there is a small fee].      


  Web Site:   game openings in ODE magazine    



  Serim Ral fantasy pbmail  Wednesday, 1/2/02, 10:14 AM    


  I played this game some years ago by post; be warned of cliqueism among the players, some of whom appear to have gained inside knowledge of the computer's working, resulting in an enormous advantage over novice players. Things may have changed since. The basic idea behind the game is good, and there is scope for building individual characters.      


  Web Site:   Serim Ral fantasy pbmail    



  Society of internet strategy gamers  Wednesday, 1/2/02, 10:13 AM    


  Web Site:   Society of internet strategy gamers    



  The pbm experience  Wednesday, 1/2/02, 10:11 AM    


  a nice looking site      


  Web Site:   The pbm experience    



  computerised games  Wednesday, 1/2/02, 5:36 AM    


  numerous links to computerised games online or other, especially scifi games, tho some may be from 1997 or older. This site may also contain links to mystery games tho the 'Westerns' section seems to be defunct.      



  Napoleon, Supremacy in Europe game  Friday, 12/28/01, 6:27 AM    


  Web Site:   Napoleon, Supremacy in Europe game