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An alternative universe last visited by the webmaster with a company of bold adventurers in the 1980's ....wonder what's happened there since?
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Draco's Lair
Otherworld Gazeteer: from north to south

Asgard lies to the northwest of The Land of Fire and Ice. Asgard is rumoured to be the home of the Gods.

Opposite the Green Isle out in the water, where Leprechauns are said to dwell, the Spartan country in the west of the mainland is Doria: its harsh, bleak terrain is mirrored by its militaristic people and separated from the Dwarves of Keltia in the east by the pirate and bandit lair in the centre of the north coast called Coromandy. Jutting out from the coast in these parts is the peninsula of Friedland, said to the location of Roc's Castle Clearmoon, stuffed with treasures from his long adventuring career, but said also to be extremely difficult to locate.

The land whence many player characters emerge is located in the west central part of the continent and is called Anglia. Famous heroes who originated there include Roc the fighter, Jethro Maverick the wizard, and Legolas the half elf.

The large wood in Anglia is called Termlaine; the forest in southwest Anglia is Kalendrics Forest and that to the southeast is the Forest of Fontleroy. Anglian towns: Starbridge in the west, Ristenby in the southwest, and the capital Danbury in the northeast.

To the southwest of Anglia is the Gallic nation of Gastonny complete with its large contingent of minotaurs assimilated into the culture many moons ago. Further to the south lies Iberia. A river arises at the [two] lakes of Loy and flows around Fontleroy Forest, through Ristenby, and around the elf Rodney Kalendric's Forest, before running between Iberia and Gastonny to the coast.

The Weird is characterised by perpetual, unnatural darkness. The Orcs of the Dark Moon inhabit the south of the Weird. The borders of the Weird are defended by the Black Rose Order of knights, with the aid of their keeps and their strange magical rituals and potions.

Lichenstein and the Duchy of Homburg lie to the northeast of Termlaine and Muscovy further east.

South of Muscovy lies the lands of the Kozaks on the border of the Weird. South of the Kozaks are the Eastern Lands of Hyrkania, Jinn, and Vendhya, stretching south towards Vientann on the southeast coast. The lands of Thizun Thane lie to the north of Vientann on the border of the Weird.

North of Palestann [but south of the big river] is Iberia. South of the desert is the Land of Two Rivers which is an Egyptian/Mesopotamian culture. The Equator of Otherworld runs from the Palestann desert in the west to easternmost Vientann.

The South Sea lies to the south of Otherworld, and divides the main continent from the land "Down Under", with its aboriginal inhabitants, koalas, wallabies, billabongs and kangaroos, and from the isle of Draconia [the lair of the legendary red dragon Fred Draco's descendants].
Below, a detailed map of Otherworld held in the museum at Danbury, and said to have belonged to the legendary wizard Jethro Maverick, and compiled during his adventures across the continent.
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