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Kriegspiel is a military simulation played out with wooden blocks on a map. Its most marked difference from other forms of wargaming is that the players cannot see what the enemy is doing. This is achieved through non-player umpires acting within the framework of a ruleset but who have considerable discretion to decide the "inherent military probability" in a given situation. The result is an experience uncannily like that of a real life officer in the time  of the horse and the musket. 
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see the TOO FAT LARDIES page
double click to see larger version of the Metz map
double click for the modern publishers of the ancient Kriegsspiel game
double click for larger version of the Tiefenzell map
print these out on transparencies to give some workable Kriegsspiel blocks. Each brigade has two regts, each regt two battalions, so print out two examples and use the similarly named blocks together.
click here for report of a typical Kriegsspiel game set on the Franco-German border
medium artillery
heavy artillery
double click to see larger more detailed version of the Meckel map
artillery fire stick - adjust to game scale
movement stick - adjust to game scale
double click here to see a kriegsspiel map for a campaign before Moscow
kriegsspiel map of the Danube valley
click here for a better but slower loading image
Kriegsspiel on the PC - the excellent new GENERAL STAFF game